Nov. 26th, 2007 01:47 am
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Routines have always been very hard for me to establish (unless they involve food). I have been thinking that I should make a habit of a daily walk around the neighborhood with Miriam and my iPod, as a way to get out of the house and get moving, get some exercise, etc. (Music tends to put me in a good mood, a fact I often forget when I'm in a depressed mood.) I have yet to implement this plan, however, and I now realize why: once I've gotten Miriam calmed down or asleep, I'm too chicken to disturb her by taking her outside, and so I essentially wait around until she's cranky again, and the cycle continues.

So tomorrow I need to break the cycle and take her outside once she's asleep. Wish me luck, eh?
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Thanksgiving for me growing up meant going to my dad's parents house for dinner. The food was good, but more important were the people and the conversation. Since I've moved away, I've spent Thanksgiving away from Easton only three times before this year. Each time we would have the usual food, but the gatherings were small and it just did not feel like the real thing.

This year, though, we were invited to Thanksgiving dinner by our Baha'i friends from a couple streets over, and it was a lot of fun. There were 12 people there, there was plenty of conversation, and we even brought the baby to dote over. Given that we can't always have Thanksgiving at my grandparents' house (they not possessing the philosopher's stone and all that), it's nice to know that there is an acceptable substitute.

I was worried that, it being a group of strangers, I might want to sneak out from time to time to recharge my introvert batteries. But I've discovered that a baby gives you an automatic out: if you want a stretch, simply pick up the (fussy) baby and walk her into the other room. Walking puts her to sleep, and one gets a break. Very clever. :) Miriam got lots of compliments, about how she was such a well-behaved baby, and given that she did actually cry and fuss a couple of times while we were there, one wonders just how bad other babies get. :) So in honor of Thanksgiving, a prayer of thanks for Mira: for her health, her strength, her temperament, her wide-eyed curiosity. And a prayer of thanks for Jen, who has such loving patience with her and with me when I don't feel like getting up at 3am to change a diaper (and tell her so).
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Miriam has become a lot more "social" in the past couple of weeks. She has become fascinated with people's faces, and will break out into smiles several times a day. It's very cute, and very endearing of course. :)
She even smiled for my parents over the webcam! I wasn't sure she would even recognize a human face on the computer screen (and I'm still not completely convinced.) Still, it made her grandma's day, you can be sure of that.

She also seems much more interested in things around her, like her mobile and other dangly things. I had her pacifier hanging in front of her carseat this afternoon, making it swing back and forth with my finger, and she was enraptured for quite some time. She's swinging her arms and legs around all the time. I don't think she knows what she's doing with them, but she's getting them nice and strong for when she does.

Oh, and did I mention the cooing? She makes any number of little squeaks and "Aaaa" and "Geeee" noises when she's content. Even her crying is more varied, it seems to me: she differentiates between outright crying, whining, and brief outbursts of discontent (e.g. "NYAH!")

On the downside, she seems to be doing a lot more of that whining than before. :( She's probably awake more now than she was a couple months ago (she's 2.5 months old now). And putting a bottle into her mouth doesn't always cure her unhappiness, as it used to. I think we may be in a difficult period where she needs more stimulation, but she can't entertain herself with a rattle etc.

All-in-all, a pretty smart, cute little girl. :)

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Sep. 2nd, 2007 12:19 am
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We are now within a month of the due date (Sep 28), and at Jen's last exam the midwife suggested that the baby might come early. That, plus the brief visit of Jen's mother (for the purposes of shopping), has pushed us into baby preparation mode. We have just about all the basics: side-sleeper, changing table, carseat/stroller, a pack or two of diapers, blankets, clothes, etc. We're apparently getting a crib from someone. We're starting to fill out the forms we've been putting off until September. We've made an appointment to interview a pediatrician. We've installed the car seat (though we need to take it to the nearby firestation to have it fire departments in other cities do this too, or just in Texas?) We have narrowed the names lists down to two per sex (Benjamin and Perrin, Miriam and Madeleine). And Jen is now officially sick of being pregnant. :)

That sounds like a lot, but I am much more focused on my upcoming classes (starting on Thursday), my research paper (which has now been submitted to the arXiv, and will be submitted to Physical Review E after I get some reactions back from a few people), and my job search for next fall (tenure-track hopefully; I've got 24 positions on my list so far). It's hard to prepare mentally for the baby because I think it will be an unimaginable experience. So I try to get everything else out of the way.

One tricky bit is what to do about my class. Early on, I had figured that I would only have to miss a class if the baby was born on the same day, but I've come to my senses, and realize I should really take the first week of the kid's life off, which means missing two class days. If the baby comes around the due date, then I figured I would give the students an exam on the second day I miss: it'd be a little early, but it would be good early feedback for them. However, if the baby comes earlier than that, it will be too early for an exam, and I'm not sure what to have them do. I've never been one for writing out class plans way in advance.


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